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  1. Leader's Speech

    Jiutai Pharmaceutical has gone through more than 60 years of ups and downs, relying on the support of colleagues from all walks of life in the vast market economy, which has achieved long-term and stable development.

    Looking back at Jiutai's entrepreneurial path, we have made a step by step, striving for progress, stable development, and booming performance. It shows the hard work and sincerity, hardship and glory of Jiutai people.

          The past is history, and the future will be even brighter. In the years to come, Jiutai Pharmaceutical will take the mission of "achieving human health, planting green hopes ", adhering to the pragmatic, innovative, rigorous and efficient management philosophy, honesty, cooperation and development business strategies, and advanced technology, well-established quality management, excellent product quality to create brilliant Jiutai.

          Seeking truth and being pragmatic is the foundation of enterprise development

          Seeking innovation is the soul of enterprise development

          Caring for life and paying attention to health are our mission and purpose.

          The re-editing of Jiutai's website has better established a bridge for communication with the outside world. I am here to meet more friends from all walks of life, colleagues in the industry, to cooperate and develop together, and to contribute our wisdom and love for the cause of human health!


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